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I accomplished my B.Sc in CS now I’m publishing a report to get a conference. Before once I was a student I put my school and team title below my label as an author. However now I’m not just a student. I saw their IEEE membership is set by somebody on the paper something like “member of IEEE Computer society” or anything equivalent, but I am not really a participant in any society however! What I used before: What I may utilize now: Can I accomplish that? Could I distribute a paper simply by my label and mail (which really is a Gmail one) without the institutional association? Update: For information regarding email check these issues: Instead, it is possible to list oneself without connection (since you presently wear't have one) but add a footnote/recommendation, "Servings with this research were completed whilst the writer was students at Unseen College and a visitor at Hogwarts Faculty of Witchcraft and Wizardry." What's essential is that you know any organization at which you did perform highly relevant to the report. & ndash August 12’13 at 23:43 @aeismail what do you mean by update to address that is present.

Utilize the liquid like a meal-replacement for three to five nights.

you suggest to incorporate two affiliations beside one another? I worked using a tutor of another University who was a visitor teacher for a session inside our college on this paper. After she left our school we began taking care of the report,! It had been not a thing related-to my school and I made it happen for my very own attention. This indicates just a little complex tome. Should I mention NOT or my last college. I’m pretty sure that my university doesn’t have any problem and gained't sue me if its title is used by me:) but I want to do the best issue. – sajjadG August 13’13 at 0:02 Yes, you should record your former college, often as an organization (as aeismail suggests) or as an identification (as my previous comment suggests).

Please be detailed as you are able to inside your description.

Which option is more appropriate/suitable clearly depends upon the requirements within your discipline and how much of the task (not just the writing) you did when you were nevertheless students. Exactly what does your coauthor advise? & ndash Aug 15’13 at 5:27